A limited liability company (LLC) is a separate legal entity, the members of which must “dissolve” the company to completely end it. In Ohio, the LLC must comply with the relevant dissolution procedure stated in Title 17 of the Ohio Revised Code. Section 1705.43 of the Ohio Revised Code lists the ways an LLC may be dissolved. Sometimes the business has a termination date specified in its articles of organization. At other times the members agree to end the business. In either case, the company must file a certificate of dissolution with the secretary of state.

Step 1.

Complete a certificate of dissolution of limited liability company form. The form requires basic information about the company, including its name and its Ohio registration number.

Step 2.

Stop taking on new business. Complete existing business. Pay off all debts.

Step 3.

Distribute all assets to the members according to the company’s operating agreement or pursuant to the priorities listed in Ohio Revised Code Section 1705.46.

Step 4.

File the completed certificate of dissolution with the Ohio secretary of state. Remit the applicable filing fee, which as of 2011 is $50.