How to Create a Promotion Presentation on Paper

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Presenting a new business promotion idea to your boss or a group of industry professionals can be a daunting experience. You want the presentation to go well, so plan ahead to avoid any mishaps. Projectors and audio visual equipment are not always available for presentations. Be prepared with a hard copy of the promotion information. Hard copies are also valuable for audience members who want to follow along and take notes during your presentation.

Open PowerPoint on your computer. Choose a design template by clicking on the design tab.

Prepare an introductory slide by clicking on "new slide"; then, click on "title slide." Type the name of the promotion, the date and the person's name giving the presentation.

Add new content slides. Type the benefits and the reasons for developing the promotion. Use empirical data you have available, such as statistics, graphs or charts.

Add new content slides for the promotion details that include the following: promotion strategies; advertising of promotional tactics; resources needed for promotion; time line; and budget.

Add a conclusion slide with key information listed with bullet points. Create a content slide for your contact information, as all members of your audience may not have your name, email address and phone number.

Print your presentation. Staple each printed presentation to distribute at your meeting. Use a hole punch and a presentation binder to achieve a more professional look.


  • Avoid using long sentences and stick to bullet points in your presentation. Save the complete sentences for the oral part of your presentation.