How to Track Employee Certification Renewal Dates

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A tracking system for renewing employee certifications is important not only for timely renewal submissions, which may be necessary to continue performing a specific job, but also for making decisions about pay increases and promotions. In most cases, electronic tracking is more efficient than using a tickler file or writing renewal dates on a calendar. Although electronic options can include specialized scheduling software, you also can create your own system using the calendar option in office productivity software such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

Schedule Dates as Tasks

Enter two dates for each certification -- and each employee -- to make sure the renewal goes in on time. The easiest way to do this is by using the task option to create tasks for each date. This option is available on both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Set the date for the first task one week prior to the actual renewal date. This is the date the employee should start working on gathering renewal information and filling out forms. For the second task, enter the date you’ll be submitting the information. In both cases, the tasks will display on the correct day on your calendar.

Remind Yourself

Microsoft Outlook has a reminder option you can set after entering renewal date information in a new task. Place a check mark in the reminder box and select the date and time you want the reminder sound to play. Although Google Calendar tasks don’t have an automatic reminder system, you can sort tasks by date and print a daily task list from the Actions menu.