Quickbooks is the popular program used by business accountants. It can also be used by individuals tracking personal expenses. Whether business or personal, tolls are expenses that are often incurred while traveling. At times, these expenses are lumped together with general automobile expenses. However, it is much more accurate to account for these expenses in a separate, specific category. Creating a sub-account for tolls and entering the toll amount is a very simple process.

Click on the "Home" icon on the top left side of the screen in Quickbooks. This will take you to the main startup page of Quickbooks.

Double-click on the "Chart of Accounts" icon. This icon is located near the top right side of the screen under the "Company" section.

Select "Automobile Expense" in the Chart of Accounts.

Choose "Create a sub-account" in the related activities area.

Enter "Tolls" as the sub-account name.

Select "Save" and "Close."

Choose "Company" from the menu bar, and then "Make General Journal Entries."

Enter the date the toll was incurred in the "Date" section.

Select the "Tolls" account in the account column.

Enter the dollar amount of the toll in the "Debit" column. An equal dollar amount will be automatically entered in the row below in the "Credit" column.

Select the “Petty Cash” account in the following row, if petty cash was used to pay the toll. If a credit card was used to pay the toll, select the "Credit card" account.

Choose "Record" to enter the toll into Quickbooks.