How to Write an Evaluation Letter

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In business, you will be asked to write evaluation letters for a variety of reasons. You may be asked to evaluate a recent workshop that you attended for your boss so she knows whether the training is worth the cost of the program. Alternately, you might write a letter explaining your evaluation of a new product or service, or even to evaluate an employee. Whatever the reason you are asked to write an evaluation, you should use tact, maintain professional courtesy and provide specific detail that is connected to the evaluation criteria.

Type the date. Skip a line and type the name of the person who requested the evaluation, the department name, the organization name and the organization's address on separate lines. Type "Dear Mr./Ms. (Last name)" followed by a colon.

Begin the letter by stating the purpose of the evaluation, and the date that you conducted the evaluation. Thank the contact person for the opportunity to evaluate the product, service or person.

For example, "I am writing in regard to my evaluation of ABC Company, which I conducted on April 12, 2011. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine whether ABC's services are an appropriate choice to take over our outsourced translation projects. Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate this company."

List the criteria for the evaluation. If you have many criteria, you may wish to number each criterion for clarity. If you were not given a list of criteria, type the list of criteria that you used as you evaluated. This list is important because it will help the reader follow your thought process as you conducted the evaluation.

Provide detail about the evaluation under each numbered criterion. This organization makes your evaluation easy to follow. Give sufficient detail to back your evaluation. For example, if you noticed that the employees were making errors, give examples of those errors and describe the severity of them and how the errors impacted your overall evaluation.

Write an overall assessment of the person or company being evaluated, and connect it to the criteria that you listed. Then, make a direct recommendation.

For example, "ABC is a highly professional, skilled organization. The translators performed very well in the areas of accuracy and speed, and they worked very well with their clients. The only drawback was that the company charges a higher premium for their services than we have paid in the past. However, given the positive nature of the overall assessment, I believe that if we can afford their services, then we should make ABC our next contractor for our translation needs."

Type "Sincerely," and skip three line spaces. Type your full name. Print the letter on company letterhead and sign your name above your typed name.