When a renter is applying for housing, often the new leasing company or landlord will verify his rental history with previous landlords. Sometimes creditors also require rental history verifications. Filling a rental history request is not difficult. In some cases, it can be done over the phone. In other cases, you can write a short verification letter.

Step 1.

State at the beginning of the letter that the purpose of the letter is to verify rental history.

Step 2.

Include the full legal name of the renter, along with the physical address of the rental location. Do not include personal information, such as the renter's Social Security number and date of birth.

Step 3.

Include the rental history date range. For instance, if the renter has renewed her lease several times, include the date of the initial lease through the date of lease termination. If the lease has not been terminated, indicate “through present” in the date range.

Step 4.

Mention the monetary amount the renter pays in rent each month. State whether or not the renter pays rent on time. For instance, you can state that he pays on time consistently or that he is consistently late.

Step 5.

State whether or not the renter is eligible to rent from your company again. If she isn't eligible to rent again, specify the reason. For instance, she abused the property or received a lot of noise complaints.

Step 6.

Include the name of the leasing company or landlord's name. Include the landlord's contact information. Sign and date the verification letter.