A questionnaire is created and distributed by an organization to groups of people. A questionnaire contains many different questions regarding a company’s products or services and is used to gather information and feedback. When an organization conducts a questionnaire, it decides how it will be conducted; for example, typically over the phone, through the mail or on the Internet. The results are tallied by the organization, analyzed and used to make important business decisions.

Choose the group of people to take the questionnaire. A questionnaire is generally developed after the group of people is chosen. If it is for current customers, all questions are targeted around these customers' wants and needs. For potential customers, questions target what these customers want and need.

Determine the method to use. After a questionnaire is developed, decide how to conduct it. Consider several different factors. Questionnaires conducted over the phone require workers to ask the questions and record the answers. Surveys conducted through the mail must be printed, mailed and returned to the company and often take more time. An Internet survey must be created on online by a skilled computer technician.

To conduct a phone questionnaire, workers call the target group of people, one person at a time. The workers ask the questions and record the respondents' answers manually or on a computer. After all questionnaires are completed, tally the results either by hand or on a computer.

To conduct the survey through the mail, print and mail questionnairesto the target group of people. Include instructions to the respondents regarding the return of forms and deadline dates. After collection, tally the forms and summarize the results.

An Internet questionnaire offers the respondents convenience because they are able to complete and submit the questionnaire online. Creating an Internet questionnaire does entail costs for hiring a computer specialist to create the form. Answers, however, are tallied automatically and are sent to the organization conducting the survey.

Analyze the results. After the results are tallied, organizations analyze this information to make decisions about products, services and customer service details.