When requesting payment from a client, appropriate measures are used to create effective letters to send to them. Letters to request payment are used when a client fails to pay a bill by the due date. The longer it takes for a client to pay a bill, the more letters a company writes to this individual. A letter requesting payment should be polite, clear and should offer details about the outstanding bill.

Step 1.

Use company letterhead as it contains all of the organization’s contact information and often looks more formal.

Step 2.

Address the letter. Include the date of the letter followed by the client’s name and address. Address the person by stating “Dear,” followed by the client’s full name.

Step 3.

State the purpose of the letter. A letter for a request of payment should clearly communicate this purpose at the beginning of the letter. Use a professional tone and keep the words positive and warm.

Step 4.

Include details of the debt. State the date the services for this debt were provided, the original due date and the amount due including any late fees. Include the invoice number as well to allow the client to find the original document easier. Many companies will also include a copy of the original invoice in this type of letter. Inform the customer as well about the interest rate for which late fees are calculated.

Step 5.

Ask the client for payment. Let the client know that additional late fees can be avoided by paying the full amount by a specified date. Ask the client to call you to make arrangements if he is unable to make the payment in full by this date. Include your phone number and direct extension, if necessary. Include your email address as well and offer his correspondence through this way if the client desires.

Step 6.

Thank the client. Offer your gratitude to the client if payment has already been made and thank the client in advance for sending in a prompt payment. Tell the client that if he has any questions, he should not hesitate in calling you regarding this matter.

Step 7.

Sign the letter. Conclude the letter by writing “Sincerely,” followed by your name and title.