How to Improve Store Cleanliness & Housekeeping

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Store cleanliness is an important part of retail. Customers want to shop in a clean, well-lighted store so they have confidence that the merchandise purchased there is also clean and of good quality. Dirt and trash have no place on the sales floor, and grimy windows and grubby walls and counters detract from this perception. Housekeeping is an ongoing task.

Retail Housekeeping

Make a list of all the cleaning that needs to be done in the store. Start at the top and work your way down, then move from front to back. Include doors, windows, outside trash areas, sidewalks, counters, cash registers, light fixtures, cobwebs and floors. Don’t forget the stock room, break area and bathroom.

Determine the needs of the store and make a housekeeping schedule. Assign certain tasks to certain days; some jobs may need to be done daily while others only need to be completed weekly. Allocate particular jobs to different shifts and/or to certain employees.

Make a chart indicating which duties are to be accomplished on which days. Be sure to leave space for employees to initial the sheet when they complete housekeeping tasks. Make several copies of this schedule to ensure continuity.

Make an announcement to all employees about this new chore chart and explain the process. Follow up as needed to ensure the jobs are being completed on schedule.