How to Get a Business License in Fort Worth

The city of Fort Worth, Texas, requires certain types of businesses to obtain licenses prior to starting operation. Nearly all professional occupations, such as accountants, real estate agents and doctors, need licenses. In addition, skilled trades such as those held by construction workers, electricians and plumbers not only need business licenses, they may need project-specific licenses as well. The type of license and associated fees vary by occupation, but there are universal steps to follow regarding how to get a business license. These steps need to be performed at the state level.

Register your business with the Tarrant County Clerk and the Texas Secretary of State. Fees and application will vary based on the structure of the business (e.g., a corporation, LLC or partnership).

Contact the State of Texas to determine the appropriate governing body. For example, registered nurses fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Texas Nursing Board, while electricians are governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Fill out the application for a business license. You can obtain one from the governing body or you can fill one out online through the State of Texas website.

Pay the registration fee. The fee will vary depending on your type of business but can range from $10 to $150, minus any potential administration costs.