How to Start an Online Fitness Business

If you're a fitness buff with the education and expertise to help others embrace healthy lifestyles, start an online fitness business that gives your customers instant access to fitness news, ideas, advice and products. Since clients don't always have time or money to hire a personal trainer or to visit the gym, so they can use your online fitness business for flexibility and convenience.

Assess your knowledge, skills and interests to determine the type of online fitness business that you want to start. Decide whether there's a specific fitness niche you want to reach, such as teens, stay-at-home moms or busy executives.

Research the niche that you plan to tackle and determine how your target market likes to receive their fitness information online. Options can include videos, podcasts, informative articles or funny, engaging blog posts.

Search for fitness websites that may present competition for your business. Ensure that they are targeting the same market and niche that you plan to serve. Take a look at the format they use to present their information, how often their sites are updated and whether they require subscription fees. Check to see if they offer a media kit for information on demographics of their customers and to familiarize yourself with the advertisers who sponsor their sites.

Create an outline and posting schedule for the content and videos that you plan to include on your site, which can include weekly video posts that demonstrate exercise routines, the sale of downloadable ebooks on fitness or daily blog posts with advice about how to stay fit.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out how to register your online fitness website as a legal entity in your state and to determine if there are special licenses that you need.

Begin creating content for your online fitness business. You may need to hire a writer, videographer or audio technician to assist you with setting up the information you wish to distribute through your online business.

Decide whether you plan to offer a free, paid or combination site. If you're offering a combination site, decide which content will be free and which content will require a paid subscription. If you're offering a subscription-based site, determine your pricing, which can be a flat fee per month, an annual fee or a tiered membership with various features and benefits.

Get an idea of how you'd like your website to look and what features you need to make it a success, then hire a web programmer who also provides design services to create your website according to your specifications. Upload your first round of content or videos so that you can work with the programmer to test the website's functionality.

Promote your site by advertising it on websites that your target market visits. Work with a public relations writer to craft and distribute a press release announcing the launch of your online fitness business. Look for guest blogging gigs on popular websites that your target market frequents and promote your website in your bio.


  • Hire writers or other fitness professionals, as needed, to provide content or videos for your site once you start to make money.

    Add a disclaimer to your website that state you're not a medical professional and that the advice you provide on your site should not be taken as medical advice. Advise visitors to talk to their doctors before they start an exercise routine or fitness regimen.