Financial proposal reports are written to present and suggest changes to repair a financial problem or budget for a business. A financial proposal is often written by a key player in the business who is aware of the business’s budget and the company’s financial needs. The financial proposal outlines the financial changes the business wants to make, the schedule and budget required to make the changes, and a list of the people needed to make the changes.

Write an overview of the financial issues in the company and its budget. This will give the reader an idea of what the business proposal is suggesting in terms of repair methods and solutions. The solutions to the problem should build up to a list of goals. Depending on the financial proposal, the overview may need to provide a background or history of the company’s budget, especially if this issue is reoccurring.

Create a list of experienced and qualified workers in the business who need to participate in the financial project or budget changes. This could include top executives and the head of the accounting department, since that person will be familiar with the business’ spending and earning figures.

Write a list of changes that the business needs to make to reach the goals outlined in the financial proposal overview. For example, the company’s goal may be to eliminate some liabilities, such as banking loans or unpaid taxes or salaries, by increasing sales and cutting some of the company’s expenses.

Develop a schedule for the financial project or change in question. For the example mentioned in the previous step, the company will need to make small changes in the budget to accomplish a smooth transition.

Compose a budget and pricing section in the proposal report that discusses the fees and charges that must be paid to make the changes. For example, the business may need to hire a budget specialist to come in and offer consulting services to create an effective, well-functioning budget for reaching the financial goals.

Compose an executive summary that discusses the key points in the entire proposal. The executive summary should not work as an introduction but should explain everything in the report so a reader can read the summary to get all of the necessary information. The executive summary should be only one page long and should be inserted before the project overview.

Create a title page, an index page and an appendix, where you include any other details pertaining to the proposal. This can include copies of the old budget, examples of previous attempts to repair the budget and a list of consultants who have worked on the budget. Attach the front page and index page to the proposal.