How to Get Stock Certificates for Corporations Already Formed

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Corporations must declare several vital pieces of information during the registration process to be recognized as a legal business entity in their state. One of those is the declaration of the maximum number of shares to be issued. Once the corporation is registered, most states require the corporation to hold a meeting to adopt bylaws and authorize stock certificates for issue. These certificates are nothing more than templates that list the company name, state of incorporation and a few other details. These templates are available for purchase or for free online.

Free Templates

Find an online company that offers free stock certificate templates (see Resources).

Download the desired template in your preferred format. Most templates are available in PDF format, but some may also allow users to download other formats for graphics editing programs.

Print out the template and fill in the required information.

Authenticate the stock certificate with the signature of the authorized representative of the corporation. Many corporations also use corporate seals or other authentication methods to protect their certificates.

Paid Templates

Visit the website of a company that sells stock certificate templates (see Resources).

Select lithographed and imprinted certificates for your corporation type. Customized, lithographed certificates to make it harder for criminals to commit fraud.

Click the button to begin the customization process.

Fill out all of the required information to be included on the stock certificate. This includes the company name, state of incorporation and the choice to include stockholder's names among other options. Include the payment details and desired quantity, then click the button to proceed.

Verify the information and order the certificates.