To become a real estate salesperson or broker in Ohio, you have to pass a licensing exam administered by PSI Examination Services (PSI). The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing has contracted with PSI to conduct the real estate examination, which tests a candidate's broad knowledge of Ohio and national real estate principles and laws. The exam is closed-book and administered by computer. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, have not been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude, are of good reputation and sponsored by an Ohio real estate broker and have completed prelicense real estate classes, you can take the PSI exam. To pass the three-hour exam, you must study effectively.

Step 1.

Obtain 120 hours of real estate education required by the division. Complete all coursework at an Ohio college or university that awards an associate or four-year degree.

Step 2.

Download the Ohio candidate information bulletin from the PSI website (Resource 2). The bulletin provides exam information for salespersons and brokers.

Step 3.

Read "Tips for Preparing for Your License Examination" in the bulletin.

Step 4.

Purchase additional study materials. Although prelicense classes provide a good foundation for understanding real estate principles, you might want to supplement your course materials with the books that PSI suggests in the bulletin, which also includes ordering information.

Step 5.

Make a list of the topics covered on the exam outlined in the bulletin's "Description of Examinations." As you study, write down questions you have about each topic and look for the answers in your prelicense course books and supplemental materials you purchased through PSI.

Step 6.

Answer the sample test questions in the bulletin and review the practice tests that you took in your prelicense classes. Note the questions you answered incorrectly and study your textbooks to understand the correct answers.

Step 7.

Take the PSI Ohio practice tests online at the PSI website. You can take multiple practice tests for a fee of $24.95 per test. PSI accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Step 8.

Get plenty of rest and eat a healthy breakfast before the exam.

Step 9.

Take two forms of identification to the examination center; one must be a government agency-issued photo ID. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the examination start time. You are not allowed to bring a cell phone or personal items into the center; you may bring a calculator.

Step 10.

Follow the computer tutorial before starting the exam. You can spend up to 15 minutes on the tutorial as long as you finish before the scheduled examination start time.

Step 11.

Read each exam question carefully and choose the best answer. You have two hours to complete 80 questions on the national portion of the exam; you have one hour to complete 40 questions on the state portion. Pace yourself and save enough time to review each of your answers before submitting that portion of the test.


To pass, you must correctly answer at least 70 percent of each portion of the exam. The computer will score your test immediately. If you don't pass one or both portions of the test, complete the Retake application form found in the bulletin.