Every item sold in Florida is subject to the Florida Sales and Use tax. Whether you sell or rent goods or charge admission to events, you must collect sales tax and send the money to the Florida Department of Revenue. If you are a sales tax collector, you are entitled to a Florida Sales and Use Tax Collection Allowance of up to $30 to offset your costs to collect and transmit the tax.

Enter the amount of sales tax you have collected into your calculator, up to a maximum of $1,200. For example, if you have collected $3,000 in sales tax, enter $1,200.

Press the multiplication key.

Enter ".025" into the calculator, then press enter. This is the amount of your collection allowance.


If you have collected more than $1,200 in sales tax, there's no need to do the calculation; your allowance is a flat $30.


Don't file your sales tax return late, or you will lose your collection allowance.