Although QuickBooks Pro has the capability to set up many different types of accounts, a specific investment account setup is not part of the software's feature set. In order to mimic an investment account, you need to set up an asset account. An asset account can be used to track and manage the value of assets such as a business investment. To set up an asset account, you need to access the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks.

Launch the QuickBooks Pro application.

Click the "Chart of Accounts" icon on the main page. The Chart of Accounts window opens.

Click "Add New Account." The Add New Account: Choose Account Type dialog window opens.

Select "Asset Account" from the list of accounts. The Add New Asset Account dialog window opens.

Fill out the information for the new asset account. Enter a name for the account, a description of the account and a note in the appropriate fields. Click the "Save and Close" button.

Click the "Record Deposits" icon on the Home page. Enter the investment amount in the "Amount" field, select the asset account from the Account drop-down box and click "Save & Close."