How to Write a Janitorial Job Proposal

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Many businesses hire a janitorial company to clean their facilities on a regular basis. Janitorial companies will usually bid on these jobs and the business owner will select a janitorial company based on several factors, including services offered and the bid amount. Writing a janitorial job proposal is an essential part of securing the contracts that can keep your janitorial business successful.

Meet with the company to discuss the job you want to bid on. This is usually a back and forth process. The company representative will state the services the company is seeking. Your representative will note these services and discuss whether your company is capable of providing them. In addition to basic cleaning services, buffing floors, cleaning windows and deep cleaning services should be factored in. Your representative should tour the facility and note everything that will need to be included in the contract.

Compile a list of your costs for supplies to do the job you're bidding on. Include the cost of the number of employees you will need to use for the job. Figure the cost to do the job monthly or weekly, depending upon how you will bill your client. Add to this the percentage of profit you need to make over your supply and labor costs. This is where you have room to win the bidding process. The lower your profit margin, combined with the services you can offer, will help determine if you get the contract.

Draw up your proposal. Describe every service you intend to offer in your contract, along with the cost of each service. This is what the potential client will use to determine whether you win the contract or not. It's important to include every detail to ensure you know what you will be making and the services you will be performing.