How to Delete a Job from Snag a Job

by Jordan Meyers; Updated September 26, 2017

Snag a Job offers a way for employers to post job openings for free with a basic account or for pay with an upgraded account. With an employer account, which you can set up in minutes, you can delete job postings with just a click of an online button. As a job seeker, however, you cannot delete jobs. If you find objectionable material in a job posting, you may instead report it to Snag a Job and request its removal.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and type in the address bar to go to the Snag a Job website.

Step 2

Click the "Employers Post Jobs" button. The link that says "Sign In" on the Snag a Job homepage works for job-seekers rather than employers.

Step 3

Click the "Sign In" link on the employers' page. This will take you to the correct page for signing into your employer account.

Step 4

Enter the email address and password you provided when you signed up for a Snag a Job account. Click the "Sign In" button after you add this information.

Step 5

Find the list of jobs posted on your employer account page under the heading "Jobs." Locate the job posting you want to delete.

Step 6

Look across the row of information provided for the job you want to delete until you find the "Actions" column.

Step 7

Click the word "Close" in the "Actions" column to delete the desired job posting.

Step 8

Click the "Close Job Posting" button that appears in the pop-up box on your screen; this confirms that you want to delete the job.

Step 9

Check your employer account page to make sure you deleted the correct job posting. You should not see any information about the deleted posting left on your account page.


  • If you want to copy, save or edit a posting -- rather than just deleting it -- upgrade to a premium account. Free Snag a Job accounts do not offer this feature.

    Sometimes a job posting may remain on your employer account page for a short time after you delete it. If this occurs, just check back after a few minutes. You may also try refreshing your browser window.


  • Don't look for a delete button on your account page -- you won't see one. This company uses the word "Close" rather than "Delete" for removal of job postings.

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