Snag a Job offers a way for employers to post job openings for free with a basic account or for pay with an upgraded account. With an employer account, which you can set up in minutes, you can delete job postings with just a click of an online button. As a job seeker, however, you cannot delete jobs. If you find objectionable material in a job posting, you may instead report it to Snag a Job and request its removal.

Step 1.

Open a Web browser and type in the address bar to go to the Snag a Job website.

Step 2.

Click the "Employers Post Jobs" button. The link that says "Sign In" on the Snag a Job homepage works for job-seekers rather than employers.

Step 3.

Click the "Sign In" link on the employers' page. This will take you to the correct page for signing into your employer account.

Step 4.

Enter the email address and password you provided when you signed up for a Snag a Job account. Click the "Sign In" button after you add this information.

Step 5.

Find the list of jobs posted on your employer account page under the heading "Jobs." Locate the job posting you want to delete.

Step 6.

Look across the row of information provided for the job you want to delete until you find the "Actions" column.

Step 7.

Click the word "Close" in the "Actions" column to delete the desired job posting.

Step 8.

Click the "Close Job Posting" button that appears in the pop-up box on your screen; this confirms that you want to delete the job.

Step 9.

Check your employer account page to make sure you deleted the correct job posting. You should not see any information about the deleted posting left on your account page.


If you want to copy, save or edit a posting -- rather than just deleting it -- upgrade to a premium account. Free Snag a Job accounts do not offer this feature.

Sometimes a job posting may remain on your employer account page for a short time after you delete it. If this occurs, just check back after a few minutes. You may also try refreshing your browser window.


Don't look for a delete button on your account page -- you won't see one. This company uses the word "Close" rather than "Delete" for removal of job postings.