Preparing to take the New Jersey real estate exam is as anxiety-producing as it is exciting. If you're gearing up to take yours, chances are your nervousness is exacerbated by horror stories about how grueling the exam is. Granted, the test is a challenge. But rest assured, study hard and well and you can pass the New Jersey real estate test on your first try.

Step 1.

Complete 75 hours of prelicensure coursework at an accredited school (see Resources). Take notes on all the facts and anecdotes the instructor shares. Instructors specifically avoid "teaching to the test." Candidates are expected to understand the material well enough to be able to make analogies and use reasoning to solve problems. Anecdotes support this type of mastery.

Step 2.

Enroll in an online review class. Online schools that offer accredited prelicensure classes for other states often also have review classes for New Jersey candidates. They don't count toward prelicensing requirements, but they can help you prepare for the exam. Make notes of each question and answer.

Step 3.

Study a test-preparation book for your specific test and take the practice exams. New Jersey's exam is administered by PSI Services, which publishes an exam guide (see Resources).

Step 4.

Prepare flashcards for each fact gleaned from your prelicensure coursework, your online review course and your exam review book. Write the question or term to be defined on one side, and the answer on the other. Organize the cards by topic rather than source, so that all your cards about contract law, for example, are together, even though some may be from prelicensure class, some from the review class and some from the book.

Step 5.

Test yourself using the flashcards. Study this way daily. As you master questions and definitions, remove the cards from the main study pile. Review them briefly once every day or two, but spend the bulk of your time repeatedly testing yourself on the material you haven't yet mastered.

Step 6.

Continue studying with the flashcards until you're down to just a few left unmastered. Schedule your exam, as you should be well prepared at this point.

Step 7.

Break up your cards into two or three groups. Review one group each day until two or three days before your exam. Read through each card on those final days. Don't panic if there are one or two that stump you now and then. You don't need to get every question correct. You only need 77 out of 110 questions to score the minimum passing grade of 70 percent.

Step 8.

Arrive at the test site prepared. Bring two forms of ID with signatures, one of which must have a photo and be issued by the government. Bring your reservation confirmation number and your school certificate showing that you've completed your prelicensure class. You need two sharp pencils as well.

Step 9.

Avoid overthinking the questions as you take the exam. In its exam bulleting, PSI warns against reading into questions by "considering any possibilities or exceptions." Rather, answer questions using only the information you're given.


Get a good night's sleep the night before your exam.

The exam can last up to four hours, so eat a healthy, substantial meal before you go.