How to Get Paid to Process Credit Card Applications

The popularity of the Internet has given birth to numerous work-from-home scams that appear in emails or on message boards and promise easy money to do such work as stuff envelopes or process credit card applications. The Better Business Bureau warns that most of these opportunities are not legitimate. However, a work-from-home watchdog group, StaffCentrix, researches work-from-home opportunities and has found that some legitimate opportunities exist. As with any legitimate job position, these generally require an application process to verify you have the skills needed to succeed as an employee.

Research credit card processing opportunities. Do a Better Business Bureau check on the company if you have received an email or phone call regarding employment with any work-from-home company. Call your local Better Business Bureau or search its online complaint system. Do an Internet search to see if others have posted complaints online before you proceed.

Find legitimate companies for whom to work. For example, StaffCentrix runs a website called, which lists work-from-home opportunities that have been investigated by experts and deemed legitimate. Click on “Accounting Jobs” and visit each website listed to see if any list a need for credit card application processors. Visit the websites of national banks, click on their “Careers” or “Employment” link and look for credit card processing opportunities or similar jobs.

Apply. Legitimate job openings should require you to pay no money to apply and will require you to show that you have the skills to meet job requirements. Expect the company to perform a credit and background check on you since this position will have you handling sensitive personal and financial information.