Obtaining cleaning jobs or contracts where you provide services to a client requires attention to detail to ensure that both parties are fully aware of what the project costs and what is received for that price. In order for a bid proposal to be successful, you must focus on all aspects of the job. When providing a client or potential customer with a bid proposal for cleaning services, you must be clear about what you will and will not provide in terms of services.

Things You Will Need
  • Schematic or size information of area to be cleaned

  • Notebook

  • Digital camera

Step 1.

Meet with the person at the facility where you will be submitting your bid proposal for cleaning services. Take notes during the meeting and ask specific questions regarding the frequency of cleaning, hours when you can come in to clean and what supplies will be made available to you for use while cleaning. Make sure to get clarification on any information you need to make the proposal accurate.

Step 2.

Walk through the building or area to be cleaned with your point of contact. Take photos to ensure that you remember details of the area that may require additional work and hours to be cleaned properly. Take notes regarding whether carpets need to be vacuumed, hardwood floors or linoleum that require different cleaning agents, number of restrooms and facilities and number of windows.

Step 3.

Begin to write the proposal by making a list of every item that needs to be cleaned and organize your list by room. For example, in an office building, list each floor and then note how many offices, cubicles, restrooms and kitchen or community areas are located on each floor. Estimate the amount of time cleaning each area will take and note the total time per floor on your list. Add together all hours calculated and arrive at a total number of hours required to clean.

Step 4.

Write the proposal by starting with an overview of the services that you will and will not provide. State specifically whether you will work during normal business hours only or after normal business hours. State the frequency of your proposed cleaning schedule. Be specific in describing the cleaning schedule. For example, for a larger, multi-floor building you should state that on Mondays you will clean the odd numbered floors and on Wednesdays you will clean the even numbered floors.

Step 5.

After the overview, state the cleaning supplies you will bring along for cleaning work. List the supplies agreed upon that will be provided to you by the facility per your initial meeting where that was discussed. Note whether you will be bringing your own cleaning equipment such as buckets, mops, vacuum cleaners and sponges. State in the proposal that extra charges will be billed to the customer in the event special cleaning agents or specialized equipment rentals are required. State that before additional charges in excess of the contract amount being incurred, you will discuss the charges with the customer in advance.

Step 6.

Provide at the bottom of your proposal the total amount of the contract. Make sure to include all costs associated with your costs of doing business, including travel time to and from the facility, gas expenses, cleaning supply expenses and labor charges if you will be using additional employees besides yourself.

Step 7.

State at the bottom of the bid proposal that the contract price is valid for 90 days and work will begin when you receive a signed copy of the proposal.


List the starting date of cleaning services in the contract and be specific when listing all additional cleaning dates. Make sure that you explain, in the pricing section of your bid proposal, that charges are per cleaning.


Do not agree to pricing that is too low for you to handle. Do not back out of or simply stop showing up for work after a contract has been signed.