An itemized statement is issued by your bank, usually monthly, that provides detailed account activity for the statement period. Included in the monthly statement is a list of everything you've purchased with funds from the bank account. You can normally request itemized statements from your bank online, in person or by telephone. Many banks no longer mail regular statements, so it often necessary to actually request one.

Call the customer service number for your bank. Request that they mail you a copy of the itemized statement for the period you need information. Many banks will charge a fee for this service.

Log in to your online bank account system and click "Account Information" to view detailed information by statement period. You can also normally request or download copies of the actual statements directly from the bank's website. There is normally no fee to access your account information online.

Go to your bank in person and request a copy of the statement for the appropriate period. Many banks will charge a fee for this service.