The primary purpose of the Symbol LS2208 scanner is to scan bar codes of items for store purchases. It is commonly used by cashiers. Follow a few simple steps to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting if the device is experiencing problems. You can correct a scanner that is receiving no power, check your scanner and host for proper power connection, ensure that your scanner is properly paired with your host and troubleshoot a bar code that isn’t scanning.

Step 1.

Inspect your power connection if you’re following proper operating instructions, yet nothing is happening, and power is not able to flow to the scanner. Examine your scanner’s corded connection to its power source. Confirm that the chord is properly seated. Inspect the cord for damage, such as cuts, tears, or dents. If it is damaged, this may affect the scanner’s power supply, and the cord needs to be repaired.

Step 2.

Confirm that the scanner's power cables are properly connected to a functioning AC outlet. Unplug the device to reset the connection, and plug a different electrical device into the outlet to ensure that it works. Reconnect the scanner to the power source and activate the scanner again.

Step 3.

Confirm that the scanner is programmed properly to the correct type of bar code if the laser illuminates but won’t decode the symbol you are scanning. The scanner may be programmed to read an alternative bar code type. Examine the symbol to ensure that it isn’t damaged or unreadable. Scan similar codes to confirm that the problem lies with the bar code and not the scanner. If the bar code is scratched or parts of it are missing, it will be unreadable. Move the scanner different distances from the bar code to test for a range issue. The distance between the bar code and scanner may be too close or far away.

Step 4.

Select the proper host (computer or register) for your scanner if the scanned data is displayed incorrectly on the host or display. The scanner may be programmed for the incorrect host. Refer to your instruction manual and scan a bar code that will allow you to pair the appropriate host interface to match your scanner. If your connection is an RS-232-type interface (a connector featuring nine prongs that screws into place), refer to the owner’s manual for a read-out of your host parameters. The following hosts support the LS2208 scanner: Standard, ICL, Fujitsu, Wincor-Nixdorf Mode A, Wincor-Nixdorf Mode B/OPOS, Olivetti, and Omron. Find the bar code suited to the host you are using, and scan it to program your scanner.