How to Advertise an Event-Planning Business

Advertising an event-planning business can be a tricky endeavor since part of this industry consists of promoting other businesses through events. However, in order to drum up business and garner repeat customers, an event-planning company must take the time and resources to promote what it does. After all, this business is completely dependent on its ability to get and retain clients, so advertising is less a luxury and more of a necessity.

Purchase traditional advertising plans. This can include TV, radio and newspaper advertising, all of which reach numerous potential clients. While this is one of the more costly methods of advertising, it is also one of the most effective. Include a free consultation offer in your advertising to encourage potential clients to contact you.

Participate in community events. Purchase a booth and creatively display marketing materials. Set out items such as hors d'oeuvres and refreshments that encourage people to stop by your booth and stay for a few minutes. Once you have them engaged, talk about the services you offer, focusing on the variety of events you plan, from weddings to small parties to corporate functions.

Utilize the Internet to sell your services. According to The Work At Home Mom website, setting up a website is one way that you can advertise your services. Also, take advantage of social networking opportunities to keep people updated on the events you have in the hopper. You could also use both your site and social networking site to advertise special discounts on your services for clients interested in booking their next event through your company.

Network as much as possible. The more organizations you can become involved in and the more networking events you can attend the more beneficial it is to your event-planning business. Always carry business cards to hand out to potential clients and event partners. Moreover, join a local event planner's association to network with other event professionals and exchange tips and ideas.

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