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Gross calculations are most often used to determine income or worth before deductions are made. A gross calculation can also be used to determine the amount of total loss before deductions. These calculations are often used for tax purposes. They can also be used in determining eligibility for benefits and assistance programs. Determining your gross income or gross profit level involves a few quick calculations.

Select a time period.

Add the total amount of profit or loss over the selected time period. This is the amount before any deductions are made. For example: To calculate your gross income for one month, take the amount of total pay from one pay period and multiply it by the amount of pay periods in one month. If your paycheck is for $500 twice a month, multiply 500 by 2 for a total gross income of $1,000. If you are paid hourly, follow the same principal. Multiply your hourly wage by the number of hours worked in one pay period. Multiply that number by the number of pay periods in a given time period.

Divide the total amount of profit or gain by the selected time period. If you are trying to determine the gross calculation for months over a period of a year, you will need to divide by 12, or the number of months in that year. Likewise, to determine weeks, you will need to divide by 52, or the number of weeks in a year. For example, if you are trying to determine your gross income for a period of one year in which you made $34,000; you would divide 34,000 by 12 months. This equals $2,833 monthly gross income.


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