Employers use time cards to keep track of how long an employee spends completing job duties during a given week. A company's payroll department uses time cards to calculate how much workers receive on their paychecks. This way of tracking time is often accurate to the minute, allowing your company to account for department budgeting of expenses. You can fill out your weekly time card in a few simple steps.

Step 1.

Write your name in the designated location at the top of the time card. Fill in the week's beginning and ending dates on the appropriate lines.

Step 2.

Write in your employee identification number or Social Security number on the appropriate line. If your employer does not require you to do this, skip this step.

Step 3.

Find the current day of the week on the time card. Fill in the exact times (hour and minute) that you began work, left for lunch, came back from lunch and completed work for the day. Repeat this process for every day that you work in a given week.

Step 4.

Sign your time card in the "Signature" space (usually at the bottom of the time card) to certify that it contains accurate information. Submit it to your supervisor.


Time cards formats differ between companies. Talk to your supervisor to learn your employer's exact procedure for filling them out.