Some countries require you have an international business license to do business in their country. Also, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company that has its headquarters in a country that requires an international business license, you will need approval before having a stake in the company. Every country varies when it comes to requirements, but there a few basic steps to getting an international business license.

Hire a law firm based in the country where you wish to obtain a business license. The firm can walk you through the process of how to go about getting an international business license, particularly with filling out the proper application forms.

Request an application from the international business office headquarters in the country.

Fill out the necessary information on the license application and submit all supporting documents. You'll probably have to provide information about your business capital and assets, along with proving temporary residency and paying the processing fee. Usually to get the license, you can have no outstanding financial judgments against you.

Wait for approval. A special committee reviews all applications and ensures that you meet all conditions to obtain a foreign business license. Mostly likely, you will have to go through an interview before you receive your international business license.