There are few rules and regulations pertaining to beginning your own ministry in the United States. Because we are guaranteed freedom of religion in the U.S., you can decide to begin a new religious sect or to open a location that caters to a religious organization that is already in existence. The first step to registering and licensing a new ministry is to decide what type of ministry that you want to run. If you make the decision to open a ministry for an existing religious sect, you must do research to determine the different rules pertaining to existing ministries.

Things You Will Need
  • Internet access

  • Telephone

  • Paper

  • Writing utensil


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Determine which type of ministry you have, or want to begin. If you have members, you could hold a meeting to decide if you want to become a part of an existing religious sect or if you want to create your own individual ministry. If you want to create your own ministry then write down your core beliefs, guidelines, rules, regulations, and determine whether you want to create a business under state law or remain a separate entity. If you want to become a business then file with your state as a non-profit organization.


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Choose a religion that you believe in and want to be a part of if you have decided to register with a specific and already existing denomination. Research the core beliefs, required training and any other regulations that the sect requires to become a part of their ministry. Many religious organizations and groups have information regarding education, training, registering and licensing with them available on the internet. Take notes and document the steps that you need to follow to register your ministry with the organization you have chosen.


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Contact the religious organization that you want your ministry to be a part of. Contact the religious leaders and ask them what their procedures are for becoming licensed with their organization. Determine whether you are able to complete the required procedures to become licensed. After you are licensed, register your ministry with an online registry so that people in your area that share your beliefs or those who want to use the benefits of your ministry are able to find your information and contact you. The organization who licenses your ministry may also have mailings or registration options that your ministry can be a part of.