How to Make a Good Comment Card

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Comment cards are a business' way of gauging the quality of its products, services, and customer service. A good comment card focuses exclusively on these facets and can typically be completed by a customer in five minutes or less. Good comment cards are easy to complete and simple to evaluate. For instance, most include a scoring system or scale system that makes them easy to tally and derive the customer's impressions.

Compile a list of the most relevant areas to score. This includes the quality of products and/or services, customer service levels, speed of transaction, and general appearance and cleanliness of the establishment.

Prioritize the questions. For instance, the quality of products and/or services should be of the highest priority. Customer service should come next and speed of transaction should follow.

Choose a comment card template that is suited to your business. Many can be found on line at such sites as The Thriving Small Another option is to purchase perforated card stock from an office supply store and a word processing program to create and print your comment cards.

Select a clean, easy to read font, such as Arial and an appropriate type size to accommodate your comment card questions. Also insert a number scale or a series of check-boxes that lets the consumer select such attributes as "Poor," "Good," and "Excellent".

Print a test run of comment cards with varying font sizes to accommodate customer's with visual impairments. Re-size the font as necessary.



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