Securing grant funding for a non-profit organization is a difficult and competitive process. To be successful, its imperative that the grant proposal be constructed and well researched before sending it to a private foundation, a corporation or government agency for grant assistance. A non-profit grant proposal should list in detail the organization's services, targeted population and demonstrate its passion for long-term sustainability.

Complete one to three paragraphs of an introduction for the grant proposal. This section should include your organization's basic information, such as the history, goals, mission and objectives. This information must be well written and thought out. For example, your goals and mission must be concise, clear and demonstrate the nonprofit's passion for their cause.

Write two to four paragraphs outlining the services and programs provided by your non-profit organization. In this section, use bullet points and lists. Include the nonprofit's most notable and recent accomplishments. Explain in detail how your organization's services and programs benefit your community. Describe your target population in detail. Summarize in two or three sentences how much funding you are requesting and how it will be used (such as for operating expenses or a special outreach program).

Detail in no more than two pages which grant you are applying for and your funding requests. These pages can include full aspects of programs mentioned in earlier sections, like how funds will contribute to the increase in organization members or volunteers.

Explain in the next one or two pages, how your nonprofit will determine the effectiveness of its programs. Discuss other sources of funding you have received in the past and include a statement that shows how your organization plans to support itself in the long term.

Include complete financial and budget statements with your proposal. Include statements related to funds received from other grant providers.

Include all other documents as requested by the grant application with your grant proposal. Such documents may include staff biographies, list of board members and an IRS tax-exemption status letter.


Prior to beginning your initial grant template, research what different funders expect in a specific grant application format. Government grants may differ extensively to corporate and private application requirements. Consider online subscriptions for corporate and private grant opportunities. Search, the federal government's grant database for funding.