How to Find a Short-Term Job

At times you may find yourself in need of short term employment. Perhaps you just moved to a new town and you need some quick cash to get settled in and finance your move. Or maybe you need some extra money to supplement your full time income or finance your holiday spending spree. No matter what the reason, you can find a number of short-term job opportunities in your area.

Check the help wanted section of your local newspaper for jobs listed as temporary, contract or flexible. These are generally indications that the job is short term in nature. Some of the jobs listed will be through temporary staffing agencies, while others will be listed by the companies themselves.

Visit the temporary staffing agencies in your area and complete an application. Manpower is the largest temporary staffing agency in the world, so chances are the company has a branch office near where you live. In addition to large companies like Manpower, a number of smaller staffing companies do business throughout the country, both on a regional and national level. Also check out temporary staffing and contract agencies that specialize in the kind of work you do. Some agencies specialize in accountants and financial personnel, while others cater to laborers and warehouse workers. Still others focus on older workers and those reentering the workforce.

List all of your skills and qualifications on each application you complete. If you need a job quickly, it is a good idea to sign up with as many temporary staffing agencies as you can. That way if one agency does not have a suitable assignment, another might. Check in every day with each agency to see if they have anything available that matches your skills and qualifications.

Contact employers in your area and ask if they use contractors and short-term workers. If you have specialized skills and a background in project management, you might also want to check with local consulting firms. If your background is in information technology, contact consulting firms and temporary staffing agencies that specialize in your area of expertise.

Ask for details about each assignment you are considering, including how long the assignment is, what it pays and what duties you will be performing. Some short-term jobs have rather flexible start and end dates, while others are more rigid. Choose the short-term assignment that best matches your own needs.


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