A 9/80 schedule is a work schedule in which employees work nine hours per day Monday through Thursday, then eight hours on Friday. The following week they work nine hours per day Monday through Thursday, and do not work on Friday. This means that they work longer during the week, but have every other Friday off, giving them a three-day weekend. Employers typically instigate this type schedule to boost employee morale.

Step 1.

Inform all employees of the new scheduling option.

Step 2.

Announce that the schedule is optional. After all, since a schedule change affects employee morale, it should be up to the employee to participate. It is not easy to boost morale by forcing employees to make lifestyle changes.

Step 3.

Allow only a limited number of employees to sign up for the new schedule in the beginning. This offers two benefits; the company can gauge the interest of the employees in a 9/80 system, and it alerts employers to any unintended consequences before the system is widespread.

Step 4.

Ensure that the right people are available at the right time. Some personnel may not be eligible to participate in a 9/80 workweek if they need to be on hand every weekday.