How to Set Up a POS System

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A Point Of Sale (POS) system aids business in keeping track of customers and inventory. The heart of the system is a computer containing an inventory database. Attached to the computer is a scanner and printer. When a customer purchases an item, it is deducted in real time from inventory. The company is notified when they are running low on certain items. A business owner can also track customer purchases and offer consumer discounts accordingly.

Gather your equipment. Your initial point of sale (POS) setup should include a windows computer equipped with POS software, sales slip printer for receipts, an ink jet or laser printer for invoices, an automatic cash drawer and bar code scanner. Acquire a basic setup for under $1500. Items for your POS system may be purchased independently. There are also companies that sell or lease pre-configured POS bundles.

Attach bar codes to your inventory. Create bar codes using a bar code printer. Each style must have a unique bar code to track movement.

Take inventory. Enter how many pieces you have of each style into the POS database. Having a portable stock counter facilitates this process.

Make sales. Some additional equipment can enhance your customer experience. The pole display allows customers to see purchases as they are tallied. Credit/Gift card processors expand your payment methods.


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