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A handwritten envelope business is a simple business to start and can be easily done from home. If you have exceptional handwriting, or specialize in a handwriting style such as calligraphy, you can offer your services to an ever-increasing market. Because many companies use digital media and many people are used to typing, finding someone who can personalize envelopes and other mail is rare -- and therefore a much sought-after commodity. Roger Dooley, a neuroscience and marketing writer, says that adding handwriting to a mailing can improve the response rate from as little as one-third to as much as 75 percent. The start-up cost for this business is low, and you can work as much or as little as you like.

Call the county clerk's office and find out if your municipality has any regulations about home businesses. If you want to put a sign in your yard, for example, you may have to apply for a permit.

Register your new business's name with the Secretary of State's office or other entity that handles these matters in your state. Also ask your state's business tax department if you need an account.

Develop your marketing materials. Use your handwriting as much as possible. While you don't want to hand write your entire brochure, you may want to have your name in your handwriting on your business card, for example. Make up a portfolio of envelopes and other types of mail, such as note cards or greeting cards, to show customers. If you can, develop a website, scan your portfolio and place them on the site so customers can see them online.

Contact businesses with a handwritten note card or portfolio package in a handwritten envelope that you think would benefit from your service. Start with companies that send you impersonal mail or with companies with which you have experience already. For example, if you have experience working in real estate, you may want to contact agents and brokers and offer your services.

Meet with potential employers, show your portfolio and explain why your service is needed. If you can get statistics about the amount of personalized mail that is opened compared with computerized mail, this will help your cause.

Call other personalized mail services in your area -- or other areas if there are none in yours -- and find out how much they charge. Determine your rates based on a per-envelope or project basis.


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