Older buildings have charm and history that new buildings do not have, but they can also look their age. Taking an older building and giving it a facelift is a way to improve an existing property as well as the neighborhood that it belongs in. Building facelifts can be extensive and include major renovations, but for those on a budget there are ways to improve the look of a building without breaking the bank. Hiring contractors may be necessary for tough renovations, but some work can be done easily without extra help.

Decide upon the extent of the renovation that you want done to your building. Speak to multiple contractors to get estimates for work that you cannot do yourself.

Begin with any structural changes to the building, such as adding pillars, having new windows installed, making more interior space, redoing the roof or anything that needs construction to complete.

Clean up the outside of the building as much as possible. Remove any debris, building supplies or trash from the area. Power wash the building and the roof.

Paint the exterior of the building if need be. If paint is chipping or peeling, it is likely that painting is needed. Choose colors that compliment the rest of the buildings on the street. Choose a contrasting trim color for a stylish look.

Add shutters to windows if the style of the building allows for it. The shutters can be the same color as the contrasting trim, or an additional complementary color.

Landscape the front of the building by adding bushes, plants and flowers. Add flower boxes to the windows with flowers planted in them. Choose plants that grow well in the area where the building is located.