How to Find Companies in Liquidation

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When a company liquidates its assets, savvy individuals and businesses have the opportunity to obtain those assets at a significantly reduced price. Whether you are a consumer looking for a specific product or a business competitor looking to expand, a company’s decision to liquidate can be a huge gain for you. There are several ways to find companies in liquidation.

Search for advertisements. Often companies in liquidation will place ads in the newspaper, on television or on the radio. The company will need to get rid of inventory quickly and will advertise as widely as they can afford.

Perform a web search. There are two ways to effectively locate companies in liquidation on the Internet. You can perform a simple web search for “companies in liquidation.” Another option is to use a site that offers listings of companies that are liquidating their assets. Examples of these sites include Delisted, RS Trading Company and The Internet Marketing Association of Surplus Dealers.

Contact a liquidation agent. These agents assist other companies in the process of liquidating their assets. Perform a web search to find a company in your area that will be able to provide you with information.

Contact banks that offer business products. If a bank is in the process of liquidating a troubled client’s assets, it may be looking for an outlet to unload them. You will want to speak with the bank's collections department for more details.


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