Also known as cold lasers, light lasers and biostimulation devices, the low-level laser therapy devices are characterized as “minimally invasive technology” by the FDA. These instruments emit electromagnetic waves in the invisible spectrum that easily penetrate body tissue without burning. In the cosmetics field, these lasers are used in pattern baldness, and in medicine, they are showing promise in back pain, arthritis, tendon conditions, wounds and inflammations in general. Opening a LLLT center can be a profitable business, considering the public awareness and consumer-driven trend toward noninvasive treatments.

Things You Will Need
  • Internet access

  • Funding source

Step 1.


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Get general information on creating a business from the Small Business Administration website, under the Small Business Planner page. Obtain a tax ID number from the U.S. government, which has a business start-up page that you may consult. Incorporate your business if you wish to separate yourself from the business for legal purposes. This is in case you incur debts and liabilities that you are not able to pay. If you plan to sell devices at your center, obtain a sales permit from the Board of Equalization in your state.

Step 2.


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Research national LLLT centers and decide what type of center you want to set up. There are LLLT salons or clinics specializing in one type of service, such as male pattern baldness treatment, and there are medical clinics that use complex LLLT devices with a wide range of emissions with different protocols, using biostimulation to enhance health and reduce pain. Some centers treat people in-house, while others lend and sell hand-held devices to their clients as well. Check out franchise opportunities, including the LLLT chains headquartered in Western Europe that expanded their presence into the U.S.

Step 3.


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Take a training course in low-level laser therapy. Contact top-level manufacturers of LLLT lasers, such as Thor Lasers, that offer courses as part of their marketing. The training will help you decide what kind of low-level laser devices you want to use and for what purpose. Some companies may not sell lasers to you without training. The FDA classifies medical devices in three categories, depending on the degree of regulation needed. These change often, as new devices are being built. Some LLLT devices can be used only by a health professional, such as a physician or a therapist. Make sure you know the regulatory aspect of the lasers you are buying by checking the FDA website.

Step 4.

Purchase your LLLT lasers with the future in mind. New research comes out regularly. Buy versatile machines that you can program to do many things, such as putting out a wide range of frequencies, different intensities (within the range permitted) with various type of emissions, such as pulsed and continuous.