How to Score the Wonderlic Test

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The Wonderlic Test is used by hiring managers and human resources departments as a way of assessing the general intelligence and career aptitude of employees. There are two types of Wonderlic test: The Wonderlic Personnel Test and The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is similar to an IQ test. The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test gauges math and English skills and is used in career counseling. Both types of Wonderlic tests can be scored in a number of ways.

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For Wonderlic Personnel Tests taken by paper, use the scoring key provided by Wonderlic. Score each of the 50 questions as either correct or incorrect. Add up the correctly answered questions. The resulting number is the score for that particular test. A score of 50 is the highest possible score.

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For Wonderlic Personnel Tests taken via computer, use the Wonderlic software to score the tests.

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For Wonderlic Personnel Tests taken online, use the Wonderlic Online Scoring Templates and the results will be sent to you via email.

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For the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST), either use the Wonderlic computer software, a Wonderlic online scoring template, or the fax-back service provided by Wonderlic. If using either the online scoring template or the fax-back service, the results will be emailed directly from Wonderlic.



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