A trading statement is similar to an income statement. It is a statement showing activity from a trading account, which is an account used to make trades in the stock market. A trading account is also called a profit-and-loss account and is used to find the net profit or net loss of stock trades. A trading statement takes into account all income or gains made and all expenses or losses incurred.

Include the title “Trading Statement” at the top of the form. Underneath the title, the statement should include the time period that is being covered with the words, “For the year ended 20XX.”

Gather the information needed for preparing this document. This includes all information regarding trades made using the trading account. Income amounts are needed, as well as all expenses from this period.

Calculate the gross profit. The total amount of money received is recorded first on the trading statement. Gross profit is found by adding up all money received. This amount is then reduced by deducting the cost of goods sold. To find this amount, you must start with the opening stock value at the beginning of the period. All purchases are added to that, and the closing value of the stock is deducted. This amount represents the cost of purchasing the stocks. These amounts are all written in the trading statement.

List all expenses incurred. Expenses include all items that money was spent on during this period. The expenses must be incurred in regard to the purchasing and selling of stocks in this trading account. After each expense is listed individually, the expenses are totaled and listed as "total expenses."

Subtract the expenses from the gross profit. This answer represents the net profit or net loss by the purchases and sales of stocks in the trading account for the period referenced. This is the bottom line on the trading statement.