Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and a top 10 trading country. Montreal’s economy is the second largest in Canada and the leading economy in Quebec based on the gross domestic product, according to the Society of Immigration and Investment in Canada. Other than industries such as electronics and software development, telecommunications, and aerospace engineering, Montreal is known for its large inland port, which is a factor interesting and important for most start-up businesses. To use the benefits of Montreal’s economic climate, you most likely will have to register it in Montreal.

Step 1.

Define and decide exactly what type of a business you want to register. In Montreal, as in all of Quebec, it is fairly different to register a partnership, a company, a proprietorship or an association. Some forms of businesses in Montreal do not need to be registered. For example, if you are using your first and last name in a sole proprietorship or two or more names in a joint venture, registration is not obligatory.

Step 2.

Pick a name for the business. Verify the name is available by searching for it on the Services Quebec website. To register a business in Montreal, the name of the business has to be valid in all of Quebec, not just the city of Montreal.

Step 3.

Obtain a license and a permit, if needed. Not all types of businesses in Montreal require permits and licenses. Check the official city portal of Montreal and contact the eligible federal agency to find out what documents to get and where to submit them.

Step 4.

Obtain an identification number for your business to be eligible to employ staff. This number can be acquired at the Revenu Quebec website. Fill out the LM-1-V form and apply electronically to get the number for your Montreal-based business.

Step 5.

Register the business in Montreal by paying a fee through the Revenu Quebec or Services Quebec. Fill out the forms and pay with a credit card to finish your business venture registration.


Consult a lawyer if you are not sure how to choose a structure for your particular type of business.


Never submit any false documents or data when registering a business in Montreal.