While the city of Tampa and the state of Florida do not require or issue a handyman license, the county where Tampa is located does require any business operating in the county to obtain an occupational license. Generally, when obtaining the occupational license, the county does have categories for the business person who is applying for the license. In the case of a handyman, the contractors category is generally the most appropriate category.

Step 1.

Locate the nearest occupational license office. As of 2010, the Hillsborough County occupational licenses are issued out of six offices. You can locate the office that is closest to you by visiting the county website at www.hillsboroughcounty.org/sbic/regulation/hillsborough.cfm, or by calling 813-635-5200.

Step 2.

Confirm if you need a city license. When you call the occupational license office or visit the location, find out if you need a city license in addition to the county occupational license. According to the Hillsborough County Government, handymen operating a business in the City of Tampa, Plant City or Temple Terrace may also need to acquire a city license.

Step 3.

Complete the necessary forms. The county does not have an official application for occupational licenses, but when you visit the office, the county employer will provide you with any forms you need to complete or any information needed to issue the license.

Step 4.

Pay the license fee. You can generally pay for your occupational license with cash or a business check, but confirm this before visiting the occupational license office so you come prepared with the correct form and amount of payment.