How to Give a Presentation About Networking

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Presentations about networking often lead to the participants learning valuable skills they can use in the real world to build professional relationships, solid business contacts, and a motivated group of people who can work together in the future. An effective networking event teaches those who attend how to speak to others, to focus on helping and to be a good listener, so they can really understand how to help the persons with whom they are networking. Once someone feels as if you have their best interests at heart, she will want to help you as well with any needs you may have.

Be ready to present. Practice your presentation before the event in front of the mirror, friends and family. Remember to use any props while you practice performing your speech. For example, during the part where you show people how to hand out cards to others with whom they want to network, make sure you have this part down pat as interacting is one of the most important parts of what the audience sees.

Dress in an appropriate manner. Since you are the one instructing people in the fine art of networking, it is important that you wear business attire when you give your talk. This gives the audience a picture of how they should dress when they are attempting to network at a future event.

Let the attendees know that networking is not an overnight process. It is crucial that you inform those who are listening to your event that it takes time to build quality networking relationships. This is due to the fact a person must get to know you and build a certain level of trust. However, drive home the point that if the participants commit to staying in touch with the contacts they make, focus on helping rather than being helped and persevere in the midst of busy schedules, they can network effectively.

Speak about the importance of making multiple calls to your contacts. Let all who attend your event know that they must follow up with those whose business cards they obtain. This can be done with a telephone call, email or even a postcard that is sent. Stress the idea that if the person you are trying to reach is busy, he most likely is not avoiding you, so give him the benefit of the doubt.


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