How to Train in ADP Payroll for Windows

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Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) provides training on PC/Payroll for Windows for its clients who use this payroll software. ADP offers training courses to match the needs of those who are new to the system, those who wish to brush up on their skills and those who want to maximize the use of the system. Clients can choose to take online tutorials, attend instructor-led virtual classes or participate in a classroom session.

How to Register for Training

Go to the ADP website. On the upper tool bar, click on "Tools & Resources." Scroll down to "Training Overview." Click on "Learn More." Click on "Mid-Sized Business." Scroll down to "Learn@ADP" and click "Log in."

Type your user name and password. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to register. Click beside "I need a user name and password." Provide the company and personal information required.

Scroll through the courses offered. Review the course descriptions, prerequisites, fees and durations. Check schedules and locations.

Register for your selected course, date and location by completing all required information. If you need more information or if the course you’re interested in is currently not being offered, contact your ADP support associate.

Once you have completed your training, log in to "Learn@ADP" again to track your learning progress and find out what other training you need.


  • Be ready with your company code/unique ID provided by ADP and your ADP regional office for registration.

    Some courses require prerequisites. Make sure that you have completed the prerequisite before registering.


  • Training is only available to ADP clients.