How to Show Your Income if You Run a Cash Business

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Showing your income when running a cash business does not have to be difficult with good record-keeping skills. Cash-only businesses must verify income with receipts and corresponding bank deposits. Bank deposits and company receipts work well with financial statements showing your company's ability to meet obligations. Notaries, barbershops and other businesses can be considered cash operation examples. Hiring an accountant and reviewing your financial records are great steps to help begin the income verification process.

Collect your records from business transactions. For example, gather all receipts and bank statements to account for money transactions. Every action should be tracked on the computer to ensure greater efficiency. Create a spreadsheet (for example, Microsoft's Excel) to organize the data by date. Show your income when running a cash business like a barbershop or notary service with physical verification. Typically, people pay for inexpensive services with cash on the same day of the transaction.

Elect the proper tax accounting method for your business to help make the process of showing your income easier. The cash accounting method requires income and expenses to be recorded only when funds are received or disbursed. This can be tracked with basic receipts. Therefore, this may be the best way to effectively show your income amount. Refer to the Business.Gov website for more information about cash accounting and its alternative, accrual accounting. Accrual accounting works to allow businesses to postpone tax obligations when payments are received during different months or years.

Establish financial statements using accounting tools/software. Create an income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. These financial statements will demonstrate how well a company can meet obligations. You may use Excel, hire an accountant or purchase software systems on line to create them. The Internet is a great resource for locating professionals or systems that can work to organize your cash. To view samples of each financial statement needed, you should refer to Your Business Pal website.


  • Refer to the IRS.Gov website for specific details about strategies for operating any kind of business.



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