From selecting and buying clothes and goods to offering personal image advice, a personal shopper provides valuable services to her clients. To be successful as a personal shopper, having strong communication skills, good budgeting aptitude, and a keen sense of style are key attributes.. Additionally, certification as a personal shopper is available through the Association of Image Consultants International. As of 1997 the U.S. Census showed nearly 3,000 companies offering personal services.

Things You Will Need
  • Personal preference and size listing

  • Engagement calendar

  • Customs and traditions list

  • Budget

Interview the client and assemble a personal preference list. This list should include favorite colors, patterns, sizes and styles. If you will be shopping for more than clothing, then make a separate list for each duty assigned. For example, if this person wants you to shop for party foods, kitchen appliances or art, then you'll need a detailed list of preferences for each of those areas. Keep the list up to date, marking down new information as you get to know your client better. Take this list with you each time you go shopping for your client.

Create a social calendar or database of regularly attended functions outside the home and gatherings inside the home, like birthdays and anniversaries. Talk to the client and determine any specific duties pertaining to these dates so you can plan ahead and watch for sales on the required items during other shopping trips.

Ask your client about personal customs and traditions. Knowing these gives you greater insights into your client's priorities, potential food restrictions, and cultural influences. In turn that knowledge allows you to personalize your shopping and purchase more meaningful goods.

Get your budget from the client. Note that there may be different budgets by shopping category. Stick to them like glue. If your shopping excursion looks like it may go over budget, contact the client to see if that overage is acceptable.


Dress for success, Look professional. A client expects her personal shopper to have a strong sense of style.


Be careful about getting too friendly with the client. This is business. Maintain a professional level of communication.