How to Get a Food Vendors License

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A food vendor is an individual or business who sells food to customers at different venues such as flea markets, special events and shopping centers. Depending on the state, food vendors must have an official license from the city or town where they will sell food.

Create a list of foods you would like to vend.
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Create a list of foods you would like to vend. A food vendor vends items such as hot dogs, lemonade, ice cream, snacks, hamburgers and fries. Each food comes with advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand your market and what will sell quickly.

Fill out the application form to the best of your ability.
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Download the retail food operation application from your city's and state's websites. Forms can also be obtained form your state health department government office. Complete the form. Provide your business, billing information, tax identification number, business hours and any other required information about your business. Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Pay the fees for the license application.
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Submit a personal or cashier's check to address on your license application. Some health departments accept credit and debit cards online. Application processing fees are set by the state. The check amount is governed by the total amount of food sales a food vendor does in a year. You will have to guess the amount for initial applications. The amount for each sales amount level is stated on the application. After submitting your location, you should receive your food vendor license in two to four weeks depending on your state's application processing time.


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