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Whether you’re a small business owner or a human resources manager at a large corporation, hiring employees is part of your job. To begin that process, you need to write job descriptions and post them online and in newspapers. One way to ease the job search process is to develop a job description template in a word processing program. You can create blocks of text in the document for the general information you want to provide for each job description.

Open a new document in your word processing program. Save the file as "Job Description Template" on your desktop.

Create an appropriate heading for the top of your template. This could be something as simple as “Job Description,” or you can include placeholder text so that you can include the full name. For example, the title of your template can be “Job Description: Job Title.” You can change “Job Title” for each description, such as “Public Relations Account Executive.”

List a summary of the job description. In this section, create a left-justified heading titled “Summary.” Under the heading, include several blank lines where you can write a short paragraph that summarizes the job from qualifications to tasks.

Create a section titled “Job Responsibilities.” Here you can jump into what the employee will do on a day-to-day basis. Place a blank, bulleted list in this section. Select "Format" and then "Bullets and Numbering" from the main toolbar. This section of the template is where you will add imperative phrases using action verbs to describe job tasks. For example, you could list “Manage a staff of 14 writers for a mid-sized daily newspaper.”

Include who the employee reports to. You can use the heading “Reports To:” followed by a blank line, where you can include the information when filling out the specific job description. This can be a full name or a title. For example, you could write “Chief Financial Officer.”

List required qualifications. This section should touch on the skills required for an applicant to successfully complete the job tasks. Format this section as a blank, bulleted list where you can include information like education requirements, job experience or managerial responsibilities that you expect.

Identify skills necessary for successful completion of the position. Create a “Skills” heading with a blank, bulleted list. Here you can add computer or interpersonal skills key to the position, like “Strong written and oral communication skills.”

List contact information for the position. Qualified applicants will need to send their resumes and cover letters to a human resources employee in the company. Include a block for the contact information. If this information will not change from position to position, you can include the full information on the template. For example, you could write “Qualified applicants can send a resume and cover letter to Kelsey Miller, Human Resources Manager, at”

Create a "Salary" heading with a block of blank text underneath the heading. Here you can list the salary or hourly wage for the position. If your company's policy is to withhold salary information until you make an offer, you can include standard text on the template like "Salary is commensurate with experience."



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