Whether you are an entrepreneur who sells things frequently, or someone who wants to sell a household good that you no longer use, having a sales contract is a smart way to protect yourself. You do not want to get into a conflict about conditions of a sale, or worry about being held liable for any type of injury or malfunction. Creating your own sales contract is not difficult to do with a computer and a printer.

Step 1.

Type a contract that contains all the basic information. This includes your name or business name, the buyer's name, your address and the buyer's address, and a description of the item that you are selling.

Step 2.

Add in any special considerations, including condition of the item, what you will and will not be responsible for, and what, if any, warranty or guarantees there are.

Step 3.

Confirm that the dates are correct. This includes the date of sale, dates that any warranties are in effect and dates of payments, if applicable.

Step 4.

Add a section that explains if all areas of the contract are not followed, that the contract becomes null and void.

Step 5.

Sign the contract, and have the buyer sign it as well. Make a copy for the buyer and keep the original for your records.


There are many templates available for selling items. You can find them at your local office supply store, or through your word processing program on your computer. If you use a template, make sure to personalize it with information about your particular sale, and to add any additional pertinent information.


It might be a good idea for you and the buyer to sign in the presence of a witness, even a notary public, if possible. Make sure that all dates, amounts and other information is correct, or the contract can be found void.