Home parties have become quite popular in recent years, and everything from food storage to candles are sold at them. Instead of joining an existing home party business as an associate and paying hefty fees, those who want to start an in-home selling business can buy wholesale products and keep all the profits for themselves. Before starting this business venture, you will need to do quite a bit of planning.

Step 1.

Choose a niche or type of products to sell. For instance, you can sell purses, shoes, bath and body items, candles or DVDs.

Step 2.

Obtain the permits required in your state to operate a retail business. You may need a sales tax and use permit, assumed name certificate (DBA), employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS or resale permit, depending upon where you live.

Step 3.

Develop a list of wholesale suppliers in your niche and open accounts with them to purchase the inventory you need. To start with, only purchase the minimum amount required to see if you can successfully sell all the products.

Step 4.

Set a date for your first in-home showing, also known as a home party. Account for the time it will take for your wholesale inventory to ship to you before choosing a time and date.

Step 5.

Make a list of people that you know that may be interested in coming to a party to buy the things you're selling. Be sure to let them know they are welcome to bring along any friends or relatives that want to attend the in-home showing as well.

Step 6.

Print business cards, simple brochures or fliers with your contact information on it so that those who attend the party can reach you in case they want to purchase more products later.

Step 7.

Decide what you will say about the products you're selling at the party--emphasize why customers should buy items from you. For instance, if you're selling handbags, you should let everyone know your prices compared to what they'll find in stores, and point out how they don't have to waste time navigating the mall because they can shop with you in a comfortable setting.

Step 8.

Plan a light menu for your in-home showing. You can serve cheese and crackers, tea, fruit and cupcakes, or just provide coffee and cookies for your guests.

Step 9.

Thoroughly clean the home where the in-home showing will be held, and arrange the seating so that guests will be able to comfortably navigate the room while looking at the merchandise you're selling.

Step 10.

Promote your in-home selling business by launching a promotional website or blog, opening accounts on social networking websites and handing out fliers to your neighbors, associates, relatives and friends.