How to Dissolve an LLC in Michigan

by Hal Bartle; Updated September 26, 2017

Limited liability companies or LLCs in Michigan are created pursuant to Michigan law. If you own an LLC, but you decide that it is time to end it, you must notify the state. Just as you filed articles of organization with the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG), you must also file a certificate of dissolution with it.

Step 1

Obtain a certificate of dissolution form from DELEG. You can have the certificate of dissolution form mailed to you by calling and requesting it from DELEG at 517-241-6470. You can fax a request to the Corporations Division at 517-241-0538. You may also download the certificate of dissolution form from the DELEG website.

Step 2

Complete the certificate of dissolution form, which requires you to supply the name of the limited liability company, the company's identification number, the reason the company is dissolving and a date of dissolution.

Step 3

File the certificate of dissolution form with DELEG with the filing fee. The filing fee for the certificate of dissolution is $10, as of 2010.

Step 4

Contact the Michigan Department of Treasury for a tax clearance. You can call the Department of Treasury at: 517-636-5260. This clearance must be obtained within 60 days of filing the certificate of dissolution form.

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